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Our soft, super comfy and stylish high quality wraps are used to preserve your hair.  Our head wraps are affordable and long lasting. Perfect for special occasions, photo shoots or lounge wear. Thank you for shopping at my small Black-owned business! 

This wrap is gorgeous! It's so elegant and you can literally dress it up! You did that! Everyone needs to know about your wraps...like velvet?! 

Gloria I.
Impressed Customer

Wrapped in My Roots is incredible. This is my first head wrap and I am so satisfied with the service I received. And FREE SHIPPING! Highly recommend getting a wrap or wraps, you will not be disappointed

Ella F.
Happy Customer

This was my first scarf that has a tube and an open end that you can tuck. I love how easy it is. The style. This is a game changer!

Aleah K.
Satisfied customer

We love quick delivery! 

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Busola Ojo-Fati

Wrapped in My Roots

My name is Busola. I am based in Minnesota (Twin Cities). My daughter is the driving force behind my business. I went into labor wearing my velvet headwrap and it stayed on the entire time. I gave birth to my daughter and slowly started "Wrapped in My Roots". If my headwrap can last through labor you know the quality has got to be good! Our goal is to ease your day and give you one less thing to worry about. I saw a need that I wanted to fill. I love headwraps. It is incredible to see my dreams come true . It is because of your support that I can continue to do this. I literally do a happy dance whenever you support my business. Thank you!